My grand entrance into the Dominican Republic about 10 years ago. I imaged one day, I would be able to provide new and repeat visitors with an unbelievable option to explore this tropical Island. Growing up in Big Apple (New York City) known for its Broadway lights. I had every intention of just settling into my life as a city employee, working to improve my life and the people that I would came in contact with on my journey through life. Understand, that it doesn’t matter what your upbringing was there is no limit in your future success. Remember that leaders are not born they are made.

I had a defining moment in my life that I will never forget. I read a book A Dream Deferred by Langston Hughes. That book broadened my horizons about how important it is to follow your passion. It tells the story about how many people for reasons explainable or unexplainable gave up on their dreams. When you give up on your dreams it can affect your life in a negative way. “A Dream Deferred” opened my eyes to the fact that becoming a business owner was my yellow brick road.

On my second trip to the Dominican Republic I started what is now today As I traveled throughout the Island extensively acquiring a unique perspective on the culture and history. I developed friendships with local shop owners. Conversing with many visitors about what brought them to this tropical paradise and what needs where on top of their vacation list. I combine that with my own inland insight to create an ideal platform so you can indulge yourself in this tropical paradise. At, it’s important for me to give visitors fun filled, informative and real time information.

P.S. The Dominican Republic have thought me so much about humanity that I started a program (21CLUBDR) that allowed me to give local disadvantage school children, grade appropriate school supplies. Giving back is something that we all must take pride in. There are many that are not as fortunate as There are many that are not responsible for there lot in life.

Yours Truly,

Jerry Isaac

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