Bucket List Snorkeling Adventure

If you are new to Snorkeling or this is your first time ever, than my message here is especially for you.

During my experience teaching diving and snorkeling over the course of 14 years, I have talked to and consulted many people who try snorkeling without proper instruction. Many of them, their first time experience did not turn out well and they were embarrassed.

This awkward moment could have been avoided by professional instruction by a licensed professional. Friends mean well but their instruction is clumsy at best. Snorkeling lessons are more effective with a Professional Snorkeling Instructor.

Please take note of the following statement. If you skimp on paying a professional and go snorkeling (winging it yourself) and it turns out poorly,  your chances of ever graduating to scuba diving will be significantly reduced. (Think about that)

If you ever aspire to scuba diving after snorkeling and your snorkeling experience is poor, you will never (want) be a scuba diver.

Another warning: Please do not get on a cruise ship to snorkel for the first time ever. You will be one of hundreds of snorkelers and get no individual attention, at all. You will feel like cattle in the corral being herded off the ship into the sea without lessons of any kind.

With 50 people on a boat (minimum) there is no possible, physical way everyone can be trained at once. Snorkeling for the first time or in marginal conditions is much harder than scuba diving.

You need to get lessons and trained professionally because you’ll have a better time. Here is a testimonial from Sarah, a 3rd time snorkeler:   (edited for length – full testimonial available on yelp)

“This experience was not only an outstanding snorkeling experience, but also a valuable lesson in snorkeling education. Laura assisted us with our snorkeling education before we went to our snorkeling spot. She was absolutely amazing in the amount of information she gave to make our experience better. I really didn’t believe there was anything else for me to learn; however when we started snorkeling her lesson made a large impact on my experience. I was so calm and focused in the water. I saw so many fish and plants; it was breathtaking. The entire family had a wonderful and memorable experience. I highly recommend using Laura for your snorkeling needs. I have decided the SCUBA lessons are next for me and I will certainly choose Laura for that experience.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

The Modern Snorkeling Experience For Fussy People.

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