One Day Discover Scuba Diving

There is such a thing as a “Unique Lifetime Experience” and scuba diving once for many is that magical moment. A dream of swimming underwater effortlessly with turtles, dolphins and manta rays, is a reality not a fantasy.

Imagine yourself being weightless underwater going in any direction you choose because we defy gravity beneath the sea.

You will be entertained and enamored with the marine life and all the sea creatures. You are in the aquarium. You can make your fantasy a reality and your life long dream come true with as little as thirty minutes in a fresh water pool.

By the end of thirty minutes in the pool you will know if you like scuba diving or not. There is no book to read and no test to take, just have fun.

In Bucket List Scuba:

You will learn the basics of scuba on dry land. Next you will put the SCUBA gear on your body in a fresh water pool. Learning how to just relax and breath is 90% of the effort.

Once you learn the basics of breathing, mask clearing and swimming underwater; and you are feeling calm, confident and conditioned as to what to expect, we head out to sea.

You will break for a light lunch before we trot off to the ocean. Upon weather conditions and each individual tolerance for the sea we may dive from the shore or from a boat. You are guaranteed to see hundreds of species of fish, coral and shipwrecks or you money back, no worries.

The Modern Scuba Experience for Fussy People

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