MAXIMUM 6 PEOPLE: Choose the activities you want to do during your custom 4 hour boating experience in the most beautiful, hidden and amazing part of Florida along the Gulf of Mexico. Most local residents have rarely seen or experienced these activities. Pick as many or as few activities as you want! A local Captain, certified by the US Coast Guard will be your guide.

Swim off-shore in the middle of the Gulf Of Mexico.
Watch Bottle Nose Dolphins up-close and personal.
Go snorkeling or quickly learn how to do it.
Chase sharks!
Go sightseeing along the historical Pensacola coast line.
Land the boat onto the beach of a beautiful deserted island.
Experience the softest, whitest sand in the world!
Explore incredible, remote beaches that have no people or buildings in sight.
Watch the Navy Blue Angels perform.
Walk atop a ridge of tall sand dunes along the Gulf Coast.
Take panoramic photographs.
Have a picnic, collect shells and view flocks of birds.
Hike through a valley of magnificent sand dunes.
Catch and release fish, shrimp and crabs with hand nets.
Relax on an empty beach, under an umbrella , with your feet in the water and your hand on a favorite drink.
Quietly sail the protected water in a trimaran sailboat.

Prices: $85 per adult and $70 per child 12 or under. (4+hrs)

reservations 850-525-8808

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