Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Excursions

ALL PRIVATE - Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Excursions near Jacksonville and St Augustine, FL.

Please call us at 407-897-5432 to book your excursion! You can do it now! You should like our FaceBook page at:

TYPICAL DAY - We meet an hour before sunrise. We only fly morning flights in Florida due to our proximity to the equator, the sun comes up sooner and gets hotter here faster creating unfavorable balloon flying conditions in all but the beautiful and serene morning hours. We determine a launch site according to that morning's wind and weather and then drive you in our vehicle out to the launch site. Once the balloon and equipment are off loaded passengers are welcome to help inflate or stand back and take pictures. Once the balloon is inflated and standing, climb aboard. We fly just about an hour. During your flight you will see the true majesty of Florida. From the breathtaking view of the Atlantic ocean to the serene ST Johns River. We have seen on our flights deer, wild pigs, bald eagles, Florida Panthers and so much more! After the flight is over and everything is packed away again we have a complimentary, traditional champagne toast (or other special drink) to commemorate the occasion. The entire adventure lasts about 3 hours so you still have the entire day to sight see.

AGE RESTRICTIONS - We like the little ones, but the sound of the burners can be quite upsetting for small ears. There is no difference in pricing for children so consider how well their sense of adventure has developed. We have had lots of small children have a fantastic time but we have had just as many for whom this is just a little to adventuresome. Pilot reserves the right to not take on small children whom he believes would not enjoy or could provide distractions during flight.

RESTRICTIONS - No smoking is allowed. We have a lot of propane with us at all times. Pets are not allowed. You must be well enough to stand in the basket for at least an hour.

Beware of scams. Balloon adventures are not cheap. When buying a balloon ride make sure you are buying it from someone LOCAL who OWNS a balloon and is actually going to be the person to do your ride! We are the only hot air balloon Excursion company in NE Florida that actually lives here, flies here and owns our own balloon. If you buy a gift certificate from a ride reseller they will try to get you to go to Orlando which is 140 miles south.
balloon rides + big discounts = BIG DISAPPOINTMENTS!!!!

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