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You know how hard it is to focus on work after a major loss? Putting one foot in front of the other seems like all you can do. What once brought you a sense of purpose and excitement now feels meaningless and your contribution feels insignificant. Everything has changed, and your future is foggy so any chance of fulfilling your hopes and dreams seems unreachable. It may help to go on a personal Odyssey and find yourself again. But, you can’t break free because your business needs you, and you need it to distract you from the pain and feelings of uncertainty.

Imagine instead that your business is thriving because your head is back in the game, and that you’re excited about your purpose-driven role. Imagine still that you are living a “bucket list life,” and actively doing all the things you love instead of waiting for some day in the future. And, that despite the loss, you are certain that you are needed, and your contributions are significant to everyone you value. Best of all, you know you are on the right path and being true to yourself.

Things will never be the same, however, what would it mean to you to feel joy for life and work again? How would it feel to have a clear vision and plan that gives you purpose and peace?

The Root-to-Rise system provides a framework for making this happen! It includes:

+A five stage program that provides the coping skills, accountability and mentoring necessary so that you can add purpose and deep meaning to your life.

+A perfectly aligned framework so that you can strengthen and deepen the roots that provide you security; connect with your higher purpose; and get unblocked from anything holding you back from living a meaningful life full of creativity, freedom and joy.

+A completely custom blueprint so that you can have clarity and new tools for winning in all areas of life, including your health, family, romantic relationships, career, and friendships.

As someone who has coached people through major life transitions, I’ve found that they bring the biggest opportunities for growth and realignment. As hard as it is to weather the emotional storms and feelings of uncertainty, it can also open you up to new possibilities for our future. It’s through this gateway that you can change your life to fit your current needs, and connect with your higher purpose in a way that brings deep fulfillment and joy back to life.

My higher purpose to help people love life, and I am especially passionate about helping people take advantage of the opportunity for reinvention that comes from major life transitions. Instead of getting stuck in the pain of a loss and fighting the fear of uncertainty, I offer a signature system for getting your life and business back on track.

Root-to-Rise weaves yoga philosophy with human needs psychology, core value systems, and balance of body, mind and spirit. If you are willing to take the deep dive and emerge in a way that is authentic to your true nature, this program is for you.

Ready for your RISE?!

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